A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 33

Chapter 33

“Really?” Richard asked.

“Of course,” Cordy replied-it was Alan’s seventieth birthday tomorrow, after all.

And with that assurance, Richard happily left with Winston, while Cordy quickly got changed, put on
makeup, and went to work.

She had just entered her office when Vince Cartman approached her and presented an invitation. “Ms.
Sachs? Mr. Alan Levine from Levine Ventures is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, and he has sent
you an invitation.”

Cordy opened it casually, and saw her name written on the card with outrageously artistic calligraphy

For some reason, she was sure it was John who wrote it.

The door suddenly opened, and Cordy looked up to see Noel entering. I need to talk to you, sis.”

Cordy sent Vince out of the room while handily hiding her invitation.

Noel snapped right then, “I had something to do and left work early! You didn’t have to put on notice
that I skipped work on the company’s administration portal, did you?”

She flew into a rage the instant she saw the notification on the company’s official portal-she was the
CEO! Being reported for skipping work? Everyone would be laughing at her!

“This company has regulations, and everyone is treated equally under it

“Weren’t you skipping work too?!”

“I own this company,” Cordy replied, leveling a cool look at Noel. “In other words, I don’t answer to its

Noel’s face turned green, but she had no comeback.

“If you find this unacceptable, you are free to leave the company.” Cordy added flatly

‘I knew it,’ Noel thought to herself right then.

Cordy would seize any chance to chase her out of Starstream Group!

But she was not about to fall for it!

Forced to give in, Noel said, “I was at fault for skipping work. I won’t do it ever again.”

Cordy simply sneered. “You may go.”

Noel turned to leave, her teeth clenching and her eyes flashing viciously.

She would return all the indignation and humiliation she suffered in Cordy’s hands by a hundredfold!

Nonetheless, she was fuming even as she returned to her office.

As her phone started to ring, she took a long while to calm down before answering it. “Hey, Mandy.”

“Is Cordy going to attend Alan Levine’s birthday party tomorrow?”

Noel thought about it. “Dad never told me that she’s bringing her-he’s always cared more about saving


In other words, she was saying that bringing that Cordy would embarrass their family.

“Moreover, any event the Levines put together would be of the highest order,” Noel added. “Any
company or person who falls a little short would not make the list. Starstream Group certainly doesn’t.”

“That’s better.” Mandy heaved a sigh of relief. “I was worried that she would attend it in that gown.”

Mandy certainly had to admit that should Cordy make an appearance in that gown, she definitely would
steal Mandy’s thunder.

“Don’t worry-she has no right to show up. She probably bought that gown to satisfy her vanity, so don’t

bother with her.”

“Yeah,” Mandy said, but she was obviously much more cheerful. “See you tomorrow.”


Noel smiled evilly as soon as she put down her phone.

When tomorrow came, all Cordy got to do was to envy them!

On the 17th, Alan Levine’s seventieth birthday topped trending searches in North City and seemed
stuck there since the morning.

By nightfall, the most luxurious nightclub in North City was shining so brightly the skies were

Countless luxury cars were queuing to get in, and journalists were fighting over themselves to get a
photo or interview with every person who alighted.

It was a scene grander than the annual awards in showbiz-far more dazzling and elegant too.

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