A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 19

Chapter 19

While Noel could not manage a comeback, Kyle stepped up

“Cordy Sachs, why are you being so hostile and cold? Noel just cares about you, and even if you’re un
comfortable after our break up, we would still become in–laws eventually

“Kyle Jessop, how many times do I have to tell you that you give yourself too much credit? You hold no
sway on me at all now, and my spite for Noel has nothing to do with you.

Cordy paused for a moment just then, and said, “Actually, it does–
it stacks, so I hate you even more now. “Sis, you can say anything you like about me, but not Kyle-”

Cordy simply turned to leave again before Noel could finish, and it certainly stung!

Noel almost wanted to just let loose and scream as she glared at Cordy from behind.

Kyle was not doing any better, as he seemed even more insignificant to her!

“Cordy Sachs Simon suddenly showed up and barked at her as well.

Cordy pursed her lips, but she turned around despite her impatience.

She knew all too well she would not get a clean escape from the Sachs if she did not deal with them rig


“Come with me,” Simon said and strode off

Cordy restrained her ire and followed.

She actually had a hunch that the Sachs did not just invite her here to mock her

They must be up to something else.

After they arrived at the balcony garden on the second floor of Sachs Mansion, Simon stopped and ask
ed coolly. “Did you do it?”

“Do what?” Cordy asked innocently.

Simon restrained his temper as he growled, “That video!”

“You give me too much credit, Father. I just started working at Starstream–
there’s no way I would’ve found out about your affair with Fiona Lamb.”

“That’s enough!” Simon bellowed, too ashamed to hear the rest.

He certainly did suspect Cordy earlier, but he and Fiona had always kept their affair tightly under wraps
. Like Cordy herself put it, she would not know a thing since she just started working at Startsteram, an
d Simon also refused to believe that Cordy would suddenly become that competent.

“I’ll introduce you to someone now, so properly make his acquaintance, Simon said, cutting to the chas
e. “You know very well that you can’t afford to mess around, especially with your… history.

A man in a suit and tie appeared then.

It was the same man who sat beside her just now

“This is Bryson Zimmer, a cousin twice removed, Simon said. “He’s thirty–
five, so he suits you just fine. Cordy glanced at Bryson but said nothing.

Bryson offered a handshake anyway, “Hello, Cordy.”

“That’s Ms. Sachs to you.” Cordy did not take his handshake and appeared distant.

“Bryson’s family background is modest, but his future is bright because he works at Levine Ventures. He
year old son. I’ve met the boy before, he’s a nice, obedient kid-

“If you think so highly of him, why don’t you introduce him to your precious Noel?” Cordy snapped. “Are

“Know your place, Cordy Sachs!” Simon bellowed, turning furious right then.

“I’m sorry, but I’m busy. I have to go now.”

“Stop right there!”

“Uncle Simon, why don’t you let me speak with Cordy in private?” Bryson suddenly said

With that, Simon leveled Cordy a warning glare before storming off.

Cordy stayed–but not out of respect for Simon.

She just felt it necessary to explain herself and avoid further trouble.

However, before she could even begin, Bryson was bellowing at her, “Cordy Sachs! Everyone in North C

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