A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1334

Bob and Sam frequented nightclubs so much that even alcoholics like Zoe could not hold her own
against them together, let alone a completely amateur like Jay.

Naturally, Zoe was fuming to see Sam and Bob drinking with Jay.

If only she could drink too… She would wipe the floor with them!

Quinn could not help jiggling as she watched Zoe seethe-who would have known that the carefree gal
would care so much for a man?

Naturally, it was just as unlikely to think that the same gal who was thoroughly wounded from
relationships would find her happiness.

Still, Quinn did not drink with everyone, feeling the need to be prim with Sam around. She did not
meddle as they got drunk by the gallons either, since Sam would never lose out with his tolerance for

She instead was paying close attention to Yelena, who had been well-

The little girl would eat on her own, looking endearing as she did.

Quinn would take care of her while she ate, even putting food on her plate and helping her wipe her
mouth, taking care of her meticulously.

Yelena liked Quinn too and would smile sweetly at her.

Sam inadvertently caught their exchange. While he felt nothing about children before, even he had to
admit that he was a little interested as he watched Quinn and Yelena now.

For a moment, he thought about having a daughter with Quinn and resembling her, and it tenderized
his heart.

“Drink up, Sam. What are you looking at?” Bob could not help calling out to him just then.

As Sam came to his senses, Bob teased him for staring so fixedly at Quinn. “Don’t worry. The missus
ain’t running-just go home and ogle all you want.”

“You shut your trap,” Sam said, quickly hiding his emotions just then. “I was days, but she’s even more
adorable now—right, princess?”

As Sam smiled at Yelena, the girl smiled sweetly back. “Thank you, Mr. Saunders. You look more
handsome too.”

“Good eye.” Sam gave her a thumbs-up, and her smile broadened from the praise.

Bob did not stop with the teasing. “Of course he is more handsome now. He’s in love!”

“You really want to crawl home, don’t you?” Sam snapped at Bob.

“Are you sure it’s gonna be me?” Bob snorted.

“Drink!” Sam raised his glass, and Bob followed suit.

As they kept chugging their glasses, it was as if they forgot whose birthday it was-either way, they were
having the most fun drinking.

Naturally, both ended up floored, even though they were just bantering a second ago!

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