A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1327

Quinn was disappointed even as she said, “Actually, I don’t know why you hated me so much.”

She was wholeheartedly sincere on every occasion she visited Saunders Mansion, bringing all her
favorite things and always smiling sweetly at everyone.

She did not hold a grudge against Sam either-she knew that he was naughty and stubborn, but she
would be nice to him anyway, bringing his favorite chocolate candies.

That was why she could not understand why Sam despised her so much, always snapping at her
whenever she came.

Laying beside her in bed, Sam was silent-he never hated Quinn and would actually have liked her
parents to bring her over every day.

He liked her round little face and sweet smile, and she seemed to be the only one who did not mind
him being inferior to Ryan.

“You’re both our children, but we always have to worry about you, unlike Ryan…” Their parents would
always sigh, shaking their head-but Quinn never did the same.

Indeed, the adults refused to acknowledge him just because he had poor grades. They never cared
about him, and it did not cross their mind that it was exactly why he had poor grades.

In fact, there was once when he had a perfect score on a paper, but his parents merely threw a half-
hearted congratulations before continuing to fawn over Ryan. Ryan had always been smarter than his
peers anyway, and they would rather groom him with everything they had.

As such, Sam decided to give up since his parents did not care even if he succeeded, since Ryan was
simply better in their opinion, and he completely turned against them.

At least that way, they would still notice him instead of treating him like he did not exist.

As for when he began to despise Quinn, it was when his parents took him, Ryan, and Quinn up a
mountain. It was not easy climbing up to the peak, after which his parents told them that there was a
tree people always made a wish upon, sticking notes containing their wishes

They were given pen and paper to write down their wishes, and they all did it seriously.

Ryan and Quinn left soon after that, while Sam stayed.

After hesitating for a long while, he climbed the tree to peek at Quinn’s note.

[I wish I will mawy Wryan when Im bigger.]

The wish was simple but rife with spelling mistakes-she was barely seven.

Sam could tear it into pieces after reading it but left it be since he might make Quinn cry again.

He then glanced at Ryan’s note.

It was simple too: [I wish to become someone important for the country.)

Sam was laughing at the time.

Did Quinn see this? Her beloved Ryan did not even mention her in his wish.

Putting Ryan’s note back where it was, he added another line on Quinn’s note.

[If Ryan dumps me, I will marry Sam.]

As he put it back where it was and was about to climb down the tree, his foot slipped.

He dropped to the ground so loudly everyone was startled, and seeing him bleeding, his parents
quickly took him out of the mountains.

Even so, he heard Ryan admonishing him like he was an elder, “You’re not a child anymore, Sam!
Can’t you learn to behave?!’

Then, Ryan even turned to their parents and snapped, “Indulge him too much, and he’d get even

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